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While some of these handcrafted plaster tiles, 6 x 8 x1 1/4", are finished to a porcelain like quality, others are cracked with the look of weathered stone to create an aged look and feel. Each incorporates a unique chunk of history in a very modern way. With motifs ranging from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo, images from the Middle East, Babylon to London and Paris, art and music, mystic symbols, the Tarot, botanicals and board games - there are well over 65 tiles from which to choose. To further personalize your Memory Block collection, Sid has introduced 'Scribe', which is the alphabet and full series of numbers.


The Infinity Collection 

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This fall, Sid introduces the Infinity Collection.

This collection touches on sentiments of mindfulness, commitment, and individual responsibilities to move forward in a world of limitless possibilities and choices.

It is through our personal determination that we all can make a difference to ensure
our world is nourished and everlasting

2017 Holiday Collection

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Sid presents a collection of Memory Blocks for this holiday season that symbolizes a spiritual affinity and affection for celebrating Christmas. These Memory Blocks add colour and vitality to a joyful collection that is traditional and inspired in spirit. 



Most Recently Retired Memory Blocks (Jan. 12, 2017)
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Will Retire on Dec. 1, 2017

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